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Glimpses about education system followed in Canada

We all may familiar with the education system followed in our country. Here is small depiction to learn overview about the education system followed in Canada. While considering the Canadian education system, it consists of three levels.

In this, first level is elementary level, second one is secondary level, and the final level called as the post secondary level. Are you having the plan to travel Canada and start learning over there, you should aware of this term completely? But whatever may be your need, learning out f bound can help in some place. Just continue reading to learn about Canadian education system.

In Canada, the government at the terrestrial and provincial level will govern education. Hence, there is only small difference between every education system. For instance, the difference can starts from the grades, where the starting and ending levels are different. Every territory and province offer only free education under the age of 12 years. Read up the following contents to find the education offered at various levels in Canadian city. You can get to know better idea about this education system.

In elementary school, kids under the age of 5 start studying and their grades start from one and ends at 6. In some school, they offer education until their 8 years. Once they completed the elementary schooling, they can move to secondary school.

We may hear about this word- Secondary school. As now, this also termed as high school. In these schools, the students can study from grade 9 to 12. This also varies based on the school you pursuing. When you completed the secondary schoolings, you can enter into the post secondary school. Here we can match this as studying in university and the community college.

When you consider the programs specially conducted for language programs, they have provided at some private languages, colleges, universities, middle schools, as well as high school. Since, we all know that English is the international language, the Canadian education system consider English language as most significant. This is all about the Canadian education system. While looking overall information about this, we may compare this easily with Indian education system, but when you look deeply into this, you can come to know some solid differences. Just you can do some window-shopping on this topic, you can get to know more about this.


May 22, 2018


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Glimpses about education system followed in Canada

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